As we approach the end of another year, Spotify has released Wrapped 2022 stats for users offering insights into the listening habits of their 465 million users over the past year.

At a global level, this year  the results are good for Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny who was the most streamed artist globally for the third year running with more than 18.5 billion streams. Following closely was Taylor Swift, with Drake, The Weekend and BTS rounding out the top 5.

While he didn’t make the artist top 5, Harry Styles took out the top spot for song streams with As It Was which was streamed more than 1.6 billion times. Heat Waves by Glass Animals nabbed the number two spot, with Stay by Aussie artist The Kid Laroi at number 3, and Me Porto Bonito and Titi Me by Bad Bunny rounding out the top 5 global songs.

As well as taking the nod for most popular streamer, Bad Bunny also took out the most streamed album for the year with Un Verano Sin Ti, while Harry Styles third album Harry’s House grabbed number two, with Olivia Rodrigo, Ed Sheeran and Doja Cat taking third, fourth and fifth spots respectively.

Locally, the Australian top results saw Taylor Swift as the most streamed international artist for 2022. The Kid Laroi was the most streamed local artist, with two songs : Stay (with Justin Bieber) taking out the number one most-streamed local artist song, with his hit Thousand Miles at number five – and his album ‘F*CK LOVE 3+: OVER YOU was the third most streamed album. 

Spotify also has a raft of popular podcasts available, and as expected The Joe Rogan Experience was number one both globally and in Australia. Australians also liked tuning in for the news with the ABC News Briefing hitting number 2, rounding out their top five with Casefile True Crime, The Inspired Unemployed and Call Her Daddy. 

To see what your Spotify Wrapped results are for 2022, you can get your personalised list in the Spotify mobile app on Android or iOS, so make sure your app is updated to get the notification when you fire it up.