We’ve come a very, very long way in the world of health and fitness and the gadgets that are available to us. I can clearly remember wearing one of those armband-style fitness trackers for a long long time back in the day to get insights about my movement, though it was really just a step counter and nothing more. Today, our smartphones and smartwatches are able to provide amazing and very powerful insights that are a great way of ensuring you really are living your best life.

The Samsung Galaxy range is a great example of this with the recent Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro offering new insights into sleep and wellness for an approach to genuine everyday health.

A lot of these new advances across all the technology brands comes thanks to new and improved sensors. For Samsung that’s the BioActive Sensor that powers their health monitoring.

One sensor combines three powerful health sensors – Heart Rate, Electrical Heart Signal and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, which doesn’t mean much – but it does deliver heart rate ratings, blood oxygen level and even a measure for stress level.

The addition of monitoring for Blood Pressure, by taking an accurate reading with a blood pressure machine and using that to calibrate the watch means there’s a remarkable level of heart-health data in just one wrist watch.

Of course, as with any consumer device like this, they are for your own measurement purposes and you should absolutely seek your own medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional if you have any health concerns.

Smartwatches have had to evolve to be able to do all this, not just inside but out too – the design now means that there’s an increased surface area on the underside for more direct contact with your wrist on Galaxy Watch5, so you have a higher degree of accuracy.

Heck, your Galaxy Watch5 can even give you a Body Composition read-out for things like fat mass, skeletal muscle mass and total body water – just from a watch!

Perhaps though my favourite thing that we’re getting from smart technology today is sleep coaching. New Sleep Scores help monitor stages of sleep, and even snore detection.

Samsung’s approach is to give you a bit of a “spirit animal” representation so you are guided through suggestions of actively improving your sleep habits. Data is one thing, but making changes to live better is a whole other area that can have a meaningful impact.

Aside from just the amazement of how far we’ve come, I think this article is an overview of something brilliant that just one smartwatch can do for us today. For many people, we’re not even scratching the surface of the technology we have, let alone the technology that exists to help us that we might not have considered.

If health and wellbeing are genuinely important to you, then take a close look at the smartwatch and smartphone combination you choose to ensure you’re getting the most from your workouts, daily grind and sleep.

This article was written and published as supported editorial – articles we’re keen to write, but might not have had the resources to do without the support of our sponsors – in this case Samsung.