Dell has introduced their Concept Nyx at CES 2023 showing off what they are working on and what they think is important for the future of computing and technology. Of course, it is difficult to predict the future so as you would expect, Concept Nyx covers a wide variety of technologies.

Concept Nyx is designed to deliver compute all around, exploring how devices and peripherals could be paired with AI to create an ecosystem to deliver immersive experiences beyond gaming.

This encompasses virtual and mixed reality (VR and XR) experiences featuring displays and other tools that remove the requirement for a VR headset. This has helped Dell to develop Concept Nyx Companion, a tablet-like device that can be used across all environments, VR and XR included allowing for seamless transition from one space to another.

Dell has also created a Concept Nyx Stylus, Concept Nyx Spatial Input and a Concept Nyx Spatial camera to allow you to live in a clutter-free space and to get creative inside all spaces.

Concept Nyx is also being used to develop a gaming controller – one controller to rule them all. This controller is a concept though, not an actual product (yet). The Concept Nyx Game Controller looks like any other gaming controller but has innovations such as a fingerprint reader to allow immediate access into a certain game. Other features being developed include the ability to stream to any device or display simply by pointing the controller at it or using your voice to connect to them.

Other concepts in the Concept Nyx Game Controller include self-adjusting variable resistance thumb sticks that can be tailored to a specific game, depending on which one you are playing at that time, or the ability to easily switch between weapons, armor, potions, and other inventory items with a quick flick down on the scroll wheels.

The entire Concept Nyx Ecosystem helps Dell to develop their product portfolio with new generation monitors and accessories designed to take advantage of some of these concepts now and in the future.

It is nice to get a look into the window of concepts that manufacturers are working on, because eventually many of these will make it to market.

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