When it comes to big-screen viewing Hisense has carved out a big corner of the market looking for something bigger than a traditional TV format can offer with their Laser TV range. In 2023 that range grows not just in size, but also customisation for those who already have a cinema room.

In 2023 we’ll see two product names from Hisense, the Laser TV and the Laser Cinema. Laser TV follows on from the previous generations of Hisense Laser TV by offering a short throw projection box with all the smarts of a Hisense TV, free-to-air tuners, sound and the works. And it comes with a specialised screen which gives the best possible picture quality.

A Hisense Laser Cinema uses the same advanced TriChroma Laser projection to put up a big picture at a variable size between 80 and 130 inches.

The Laser Cinema offering means those people with an existing area or room for their current projector based viewing can upgrade to Hisense Laser Cinema, retaining their existing screen but with an upgraded viewing experience.

Gideon Lui from Hisense Australia says “Over the last year, the local appetite for our premium Laser technology has increased significantly, particularly as buyers look more to this fast-growing category for home entertainment solutions. Australians are continuing to invest in upgrading their home, and our Laser range provides the ultimate end-to-end cinematic viewing experience – all from the comfort of their lounge room or dedicated cinema space.”

“What’s exciting about this new range is the level of choice we can now offer. As an innovative market leader for attainable tech, we’ve paid close attention to the needs of our customers and expanded our range to include Laser TV and Laser Cinema categories, with different environments and needs front of mind.”

For the out of the box ready to watch solution (after you mount the screen etc), the new 2023 Hisense range of Laser TVs come in both 100 inch and 120 inch options.

That gives you a 4K picture, Dolby Vision compatibility and when paired with the included Ambient Light Rejection screen you get a bright picture, great bold colours and deep blacks with a 3,000 lumens projection.

A Hisense Laser TV also operates the VIDAA operation system for all your app streaming and connectivity needs.

There will be two models of Laser Cinema from Hisense this year, the PL1H which is already on the market, and a new PX1H offering.

The PL1H has a 80-120 inch size variability, while the PX1H can push to 130 inches.

“As we look towards the future, Hisense will continue to innovate its Laser offering: from size and resolution to advancements in cinema technology. It’s all part of our continued investment in the R&D of Laser technology, with innovation, adaptability and attainability front of mind,” concluded Lui.

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