Acer has introduced the Halo Swing, a portable Google Assistant speaker with RGB lights and an LED dot display.

The Halo Swing allows you to play music anywhere within Wi-Fi range or it can be paired directly to your phone using Bluetooth. The speaker includes RGB lights underneath it that react when you summon Google Assistant — the lights themselves can be customised using the Acer Halo app on your smartphone.

The speaker also includes an LED dot display, much like that in the newest Echo Dot with Clock — and it displays about as much. Being a very basic display don’t expect it to display all that information, but it will display simple information such as calendars, mail, messages and more. You can also customise the display to your own message or image using the Acer Halo app.

Inside the speaker is housed are 360-degree speakers which, along with the RGB lighting, make the speaker perfect for parties. Leaning into the party use, the Halo Swing can be paired with other speakers providing an immersive, stereo experience. The audio is boosted by a sub0woofer inside as well, resulting in a more complete sound.

The Acer Halo Swing includes a built-in battery making it portable with the battery rated for 10 hours of playback. There is a USB-C charging dock and a strap to allow you to carry the speaker around easily. The final piece of the party puzzle is the IPX5 water resistant rating making it safe from light rain and small liquid splashes.

The Acer Halo Swing speaker will be released later this year, but it is unclear if it will make it Downunder when it does. It will retail for US$229 in the US so if it does make it here expect to pay over AU$300 for it.

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