JBL has today announced an expansion of their gaming headsets, the Quantum series, with support for more consoles and more features in the new headsets.

JBL Quantum 910X & JBL Quantum 910P

The JBL Quantum 910X and P now support Xbox and Playstation (the P version only Playstation at this stage) alongside Switch and PC support already inbuilt. They deliver JBL QuantumSPATIAL 360 audio with integrated head tracking providing for spatial surround sound while using the USB wireless connection to the console.

Both headsets include ANC, 50mm premium drivers powered by JBL QuantumSOUND, a flip-up-to-mute boom mic with echo and noise suppression and 37 hours of battery life when in wireless mode. Priced at 299.99Euro they are considered premium headsets. We will pass on Australian pricing and availability when it comes to hand.

JBL Quantum 360X & JBL Quantum 360P

The new JBL Quantum 360X/P offer JBL’s DualSOURCE wireless connection along with quality audio thanks to 40mm drivers powered by JBL QuantumSOUND. The X version offers Xbox, Playstation, Switch and PC support while the P version lacks Xbox support as above.

With 22 hours of wireless playback they are available in Europe for 129.99Euro but at this stage local pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

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