Sony has today announced a new set of off-ear headphones designed specifically for runners. The new Float Run headphones are off-ear headphones that sit near the ear canal but do not ever touch it making it comfortable for the sweaty runner.

The Float Run headphones are lightweight, weighing just 33 grams, with a flexible neck band that is designed to not slip while you are in motion. The design of the headphones results in the headphones sitting off the ear allowing high-quality sound without any chafing or sweating around them in the ear canal.

Although the Float Run headphones sit outside of the ear canal, they will remain in place even with vigorous movement and running and while wearing sunnies and/or hats. The neckband is what keeps the headphones in place so they can continue to deliver uncompromised sound quality.

Obviously with the headphones sitting outside of the ear the runner will still be aware of their surroundings making for a safer run. The Float Run headphones can be used in all conditions while exercising (not swimming though) with an IPX4 water resistant rating preventing damage from sweat or rain.

A single USB-C charge will give you 10 hours of playback and a quick 10-minute charge will provide an hour of playtime. The headphones include controls on the earbuds allowing you to control playback and access your phone’s digital assistant without having to refer to your phone.

The Sony Float Run headphones will be available for $259.95 AUD in Australia from April 2023 and come with a carry pouch and charging cable with the headphones.