Today in Las Vegas, Casio has announced a smartwatch for the adventure type and not without the bells and whistles.

The Casio WSD-F10 is a rugged smartwatch running Android Wear. It has water resistance and military specifications to ensure you are not going to worry about destroying your new timepiece on your next hike.

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The smartwatch can obviously handle all the apps made for Android Wear however it does come preloaded with apps to help you measure changes in the natural environment as well as track activity levels.

The watch face features a dual layer display with monochrome and colour LCDs. Users can display measurement data and apps in colour, or they can extend the device’s life to more than one month by selecting to a Timepiece Mode that displays only watch data in monochrome.

The operating buttons are large and feature a slip-free finish so they can easily be operated with gloves on, and they are concentrated on the right side of the case. The wristband is made from soft urethane plastic that conforms to the wrist and can be comfortably worn for extended periods.

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The WSD-F10 comes with dedicated applications that measure and display essential information for outdoor activities and sports using a pressure sensor, compass, and accelerometer. The upper right TOOL button brings up information such as compass direction, air pressure and altitude, sunrise and sunset times, tide graphs, and activity graphs—providing real-time information about changes in the natural environment and activity levels.

The watch also links to the Casio Moment Setter+ smartphone app to give timing and opportunities for activities such as trekking, cycling, and fishing. Users can configure the app to automatically send the needed information based on previously set conditions such as speed, distance, time of sunrise, break timing, or when fish tend to be most active.

Currently pricing and release dates are unknown.

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