Over time, fatigue has proven to be one of the scariest and most deadly aspects of driving. Truck, bus and taxi drivers are among the most affected, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with a license that hasn’t dealt with fatigue while on the road.

Oraigo are an Italian tech startup that are looking to address this problem at both the consumer and fleet level, with a headband that will monitor your fatigue and keep you alert on the road.

The device is called AiGo and it works by monitoring your EEG (electrical activity in the brain) data and sending it to their mobile application on your phone through bluetooth. This data is processed and used to detect microsleeps.

If a microsleep is about to occur, the AiGo will begin vibrating to wake you up and alert you to your fatigued state. The mobile application will also make noise and ping your phone with notifications for a visual element.

It weighs in at 222 grams, which is significantly lighter than I first anticipated from the size of it. And on the topic of size, it will fit those of us with a head circumference between 54 – 64cm. Don’t ask what percentage of the population that covers, but I would suggest most.

The AiGo will hold over 20 hours worth of battery life, which makes it perfect for a full road trip (or two!). They’re hoping to launch this year but don’t have a price point just yet. The official website is oraigo.com.

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