If you’re like me you know full well you need to get off your arse and get active. Sitting down all day isn’t burning more calories than the chocolate bars you’re consuming. Well, that’s a separate issue. But going for a walk, or joining a Gym just seem far from your style so it could well be that the Peloton Tread might be just what you need – if you have deep pockets.

Let’s be super clear. $4,445 is a crazy high price for a treadmill. You can certainly get some under $1,000 – but let’s compare Apple’s to Apples and see what quality might cost. In my assessment you’re looking at $1,600-$2,400 for a top of the line treadmill.

Add in the huge 23.8 inch screen and you’re starting to see value.

But like it’s bike sibling in the Peloton range, the real key to the Peloton tread is the instructors, and the classes.

Looking at the Peloton Tread you might wonder why it looks different to others, and that’s down to the almost unique 170cm x 80c footprint. Peloton have removed the excess from the head of the actual walking conveyer and simplified it all. The whole construction though is top class and top quality.

However – there are still cheaper ones.

Yes, but with Peloton, you get instructors walking you (pardon the pun) through an exercise class. You get the competitiveness of walking in a class with others virtually.

You can pair this with your smartwatch to get metrics on your health and fitness and all-in all it’s really a fantastic approach.

Also, it’s not just walking, there are other “floor based” classes and routines you can do off to the side or behind the Tread still watching the Peloton screen

However, if the $4,445 is too much for you, let me give you a hint. If you’ve already got a treadmill, or you go to the gym and just need the instruction – get the Peloton App – for $16.99 a month you can have the classes and the inspiration, minus some of the interactive “scores” and acheivements.

Peloton is well known for it’s quality – for a reason, and the Peloton Tread is no different.

It’s aimed just at people like me – could probably afford it if I tried, and for sure it’s the only style of exercise I’ll be doing any time soon – locked away at home with no one watching.