Today is a bad day to be a NSW Car Owner or driver with an expired registration or drivers licence with the ServiceNSW website seemingly suffering from a very bad day, one which could potentially cause issues for the Active Kids vouchers or Back to School Voucher program as well.

Alerted by astute EFTM moderator Matt A, it became quickly apparent this was not just Matt’s issue. Anyone with a ServiceNSW account who has a car rego or licence on their account will see some very strange details when they log in.

Here’s what my page should look like:

However, when I log in, I see this:

Or This:

The page changes continuously, or when refreshed.

To be clear, there is no privacy breach with the display of the above information – all of it is available on the site if you search for any registration number it will show you the details.

However, EFTM moderators have been able to view Vouchers of other users, Glenn refreshed his page to see this:

We have blurred the voucher codes, because those can be used when online shopping to redeem the Vouchers.

This will throw the NSW Government voucher program into chaos unless it’s shut down immediately.

Additionally, there’s a risk to vehicles due for registration.

The lower risk is that someone pays your rego for you.

But if you’re a tradie, how would you feel if your rego was changed from Business to Personal?

EFTM has reached out to Service NSW for comment.

At this stage, it appears the bug may have been patched, or at least bypassed – just how it happened is another question.

For those with registration or licence renewals today, we’d suggest holding off for 24 hours.

A spokesperson from Service NSW told EFTM after we raised the concerns: “Service NSW experienced technical issues today when customers logged into their MyServiceNSW account.  

The login page has been presenting incorrect information and has been taken down while the issue is being addressed.  

Customers can still transact and all digital services continue to be available. There is no impact to the Service NSW App.”