LG has announced the Aussie availability of their new LG Tone Free wireless earbud range (T90 and TF8 models), featuring Dolby Atmos with Dolby Head Tracking in the T90 model and Swivel Grip technology in the new TF8 model to keep the earbuds secure in the ears alongside other audio innovations.

The improved build quality promises not just a more immersive listening experience but a more secure fit and incorporate an improved battery life over their previous generations of LG Tone Free wireless earbuds.

Through LG’s partnerships with leading audio brands Dolby and Meridian the new LG Tone Free T90 offers Dolby Head tracking, the first true wireless earbuds to offer that feature, elevating the user’s experience with improved clarity, and depth to the audio. For those interested in improving their stereo experience even more the T90 also offer an “audio visualiser” designed by Dolby specifically for earbuds. Add in the Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) technology and you can see why the T90 offer a high-quality audio experience.

The LG Tone Free T90 feature a new driver made of a premium graphene material for reduced vibrations and a new shape designed to feel more comfortable in the ear. The T90 also include a new sensor designed to minimise ambient noises to help you hear both sides of the conversation better, ideal for work calls.

The LG Tone Free TF8 offer a version designed for use in the fitness world. The include improved audio as well and a new SwivelGrip technology to help secure the earbuds in your ears in even the most rigorous workout. The TF8 are IP67 rated (“*dust tight and water resistant up to one metre for 30 minutes. Tested in fresh water. Exposure to chlorinated water, detergents or salt water not advised“) so you feel safe knowing you can workout to your heart’s desire and not have to worry about your sweat breaking them.

Both new LG Tone Free models include ANC with the T90 offering another step up with improved ANC filters analysis of the position of the earbuds within the user’s ears. The T90 model offers up to 9 hours of playback with another 20 hours in the storage/charging case while the TF8 offers up to 10 hours of battery life and up to 30 hours in the included case.

The LG TONE Free wireless earbuds (T90 and TF8 models) are available from JB Hi-Fi and LG.com/au with the T90 model RRP $399 and the TF8 RRP $369.