A new name has launched in the portable power station market, and it’s Aussie-grown. From the team a Laser, NRGVault will offer portable power solutions far beyond the need to just charge your mobile phone and it’s the battery technology and warranty that will see these rushing out of stores.

While there are certainly others already in this market, the price of these hefty portable power units has been quite amazing. NRGVault looks to bucking that trend with a more affordable solution, which is many cases is far more useful, reliable and safer.

There will be two models at launch, available first at Harvey Norman. The PV500 with a 288Wh capacity and the PV1500 with a 1288Wh capacity.

While the calculations aren’t precise, that smaller unit is like the stored energy of 14 20,000mAh portable batteries you might see today – the big ones!

These power stations are know for their use on the road and in camping, but the use cases go far beyond that.

At home, if you’re like us and your power lines are above ground – one big storm and you’re at risk of a single branch taking out power to the whole suburb for hours. If that’s a big storm and there’s multiple outages that outage could last far far longer.

Having an NRGVault portable power station, as simple as the PV500 stored in the garage or with your torches and candles could be a game-changer.

Plug the fridge in. Now if you do, the best and smartest move is to still limit the use of the frigde – by that I mean don’t keep the doors open, stop going into the fridge for no real reason. Doing this and you’ll get through an hours long blackout with all your food in perfect condition.

Better still, why are we lighting candles? Get a lamp, plug it in, use your desk like you normally would.

With power at your fingertips – you could live life normally to some extent.

The NRGVault power stations come with a traditional power point or more (2 on the smaller and 4 on the bigger) as well as USB connections and USB-C and even a 12V outlet like your car.

Critically, the team at Laser wanted to build on their solid reputation in batteries to make this product one of the safest on the market. With a million or more portable batteries already sold, and no returns or fires caused by them, the team pride themselves on safety.

For that reason the NRGVault batteries are some of the first on the market to feature lithium iron phosphate battery technology, which is far safer than traditional Lithium Ion batteries.

It can’t be over charged and also holds it’s charge better.

Proof of that? Robust testing, and we know it because they’ve backed it with a three-year warranty – there’s nothing like that in the market.

The NRGVault PV500 has a 288Wh capacity, Weighs just 3.8kgs, 2 x AC outputs, 3 x USB ports and a car socket. Ideal for laptops, mobile devices and small appliances it can charge a mini-fridge, TV or MacBook Pro for four hours, or charge an iPhone or drone 17 times over.

It’s big brother the PV1500 weighs 15.8kgs, and has 4 x AC outputs, 6 x USB ports and a car socket. Ideal for power backup, light power tools and more, it can keep an electric drill going for three hours, a CPAP machine going for 22 hours, a mini fridge for 18 hours and charge an iPhone or drone 74 times over.

Laser Managing Director Chris Lau says “Launching the NRGVault brand and our first range continues our commitment to deliver affordable but high quality technology to Australians, something we have done consistently for more than 35 years now. There is significant interest in mobile power given the benefits it delivers across leisure and business, home and away, but consumers need to know that they have a robust, efficient and reliable option, especially around battery safety and reliability, and I’m thrilled that the NRGVault range will deliver all of this and more. Our three year warranty is testament to our belief in the robustness of this range.”

Another benefit of that new battery tech is charging time. Charge to 85% in just under 90 minutes.

Additionally, power is guaranteed steady thanks to the Pure Sine Wave Inverter, meaning no damage to the things you power from it.

Pricing And Availability:

  • The NRGVault PV500 (288Wh capacity) has an RRP of $599.95
  • The NRGVault PV1500 (1228Wh capacity) has an RRP of $1,799.95

Both models are available at Harvey Norman and via www.NRGVault.com.au, more retailers will follow soon.