At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, OPPO have shown off their latest devices including giving more details on when we’ll see the Find N2, as well as announcing that they’ll be carbon Neutral by 2050.

In a keynote at MWC, Billy Zhang, OPPO Associate Vice President has released their Climate Action Report, the latest in a series since the company began releasing them back in 2020. The report sees OPPO pledge to go carbon neutral by 2050 across their global operations, reducing the carbon footprint of products and investing in options that generate less carbon.

To achieve carbon neutrality, OPPO says they’ll be using digital technology to manage carbon emissions. They’re also investing in carbon neutral data centres such as the OPPO Binhai Bay Data Centre which uses 100% renewable energy to operate. This data centre also uses immersion cooling for their GPU clusters, which has led to a 45% improvement in energy efficiency.

Of course as a consumer company, OPPO has focused on reducing their carbon footprint in key areas including packaging. In Europe, the company has removed nearly all plastics from the packaging of OPPO’s smartphones so they’re now biodegradable.

The products are more durable with longer lasting batteries that can cycle more times. The OPPO proprietary Battery Health Engine technology which can maintain 80% of the original battery capacity for up to 1600 charging cycles, so you don’t have to replace the battery and can keep the phone longer.

As the planet heats up, it’s a positive step for OPPO, who currently sit at number four in smartphones shipped globally last quarter.