Audio legends Rode have today announced the latest iteration of their hugely popular Wireless microphone, designed with creators in mind – the Wireless Me.

The original Wireless Go was an outstanding compact, micro even, microphone and receiver that has frankly revolutionised the wireless microphone market.

Fast forward to the Wireless Go II and you’ve got a new info screen on the receiver, and two microphones for single or dual guest recording.

Today, we live in a fast-paced TikTok world, where a new form of vlogging has taken over personal video content, as well as so much on-street interview content. The Wireless Me is designed for all those situations.

In the box are TRS and TRRS cables, as well as USB-C to USB-C and an all-important USB-C to Lightning connector as well as the Receiver and Transmitter and windshields.

Using the Rode SC21 USB-C to lightning cable is a revolution for me, allowing me to have microphone input into my videos, while also listening back to the audio in playback mode without taking the lightning connector out.

But it’s how these Wireless Me devices are configured that is fantastic.

The Receiver has a microphone in it too. Setup on a handheld tripod with a small cold shoe mount, the microphone is pointing at the selfie-camera position, so the receiver on its own can be an enhanced mic for you in a Vlogging situation.

Turn on the Transmitter, and you’ve now got a guest microphone which will work at 100m range.

To unleash the real power of these two, you need the new Rode Capture app which allows you to separate the audio feeds or receiver and transmitter or disable the receiver mic.

Rode Capture also features automatic gain control so you’re getting the best from your audio.

But wait, there’s more. The Rode Capture app will allow you to record both the front and rear cameras at the same time, either setup as picture in picture, or split screen – and that can be recorded combined in one video, or as two separate video files.

It’s a game changer. And, you can get an additional transmitter so you can record three microphones at the same time.

Rode’s new Wireless Me will launch for US$149, while here in Australia it’s $259.