I’m old. I know it, I’ve come to terms with it. And yes, I still have cassette tapes of some stuff, but the cheap USB types I’ve purchased over the years have always been horrible quality audio. Then I saw the “It’s Real” from NINM and thought – that’s stunning – I have to try the NINM It’s Real.

And then it arrived.

Just as beautiful as I knew it was, but once I threw four AA batteries in the NINM It’s Real and the sound was sensational. I happen to have an Aerosmith cassingle on me (Couldn’t find my Poison Unskinny Bob cassingle, but I will), and put it in and pressed play.

Awesome sound from what appears to be a small front speaker. Clarity cassette style.

However, then I plugged it into my soundbar via 3.5mm output of the NINM It’s Real, and wowsers, this really is cool.

Imagine this on a shelf, wired into your stereo system – nice!

There’s one other party trick. The Bluetooth Tape. A cassette with USB charging and a little on off switch. Power it on, pair your smartphone and boom, you’ve got music from your phone, on this device.

Honestly, not great, poor volume and a party trick at best. Why bother with that when you have a cassette for the NINM It’s Real!

Dust off your mix-tapes folks, relive your childhood and enjoy some tunes.

Will set you back around $350 Aussie dollars – and worth it.