TCL has announced their full range of TVs for 2023 in the Australian market with an emphasis on size, but also on options for every single buyer at a showcase event for retailers and the media in Bangkok, Thailand this week.

The most remarkable thing I learned here at the event is TCL’s dominance of the mega-screen market.

Research and consulting firm Omdia ranked TCL as the Number 1 TV brand for 98 inch TVs Globally! And, I’m told the same applies in Australia where TCL sold more units than any other brand in the last year.

In 2023, that will likely continue, with not just affordable but also premium 98 inch TVs coming including a variant of the C845.

The C845 is the flagship MiniLED unit for TCL in 2023, the successor to the C835 which we reviewed last year and which sold very well for TCL.

For the new year, the C845 has more local dimming zones, getting close to 900 on the 85 inch model, as well as a peak brightness of 2000 nits. TCL also has an advanced processor they call AiPQ (Artificial Intelligence Picture Quality) which is a system similar to that which other major brands have been promoting, using image databases to learn what’s what and use that to determine how to present an image on screen.

Primarily launching in 55 inch, 65, 75 and 85 inches, TCL Australia confirmed to EFTM that 50 inch and 98 inch models are planned for later in the year.

These models will help lift TCL market share in the lower sizes, with that 50 inch likely to be a strong competitor for the gaming dollar, competing with everything Samsung and LG throw at it, most likely with the most competitive price offer.

Down the range the C745 and C645 are QLED models from TCL offering Quantum dot picture technology, as well as HDR and Dolby Atmos.

Both are the middle of the TCL range, with the C645 offering a lower refresh rate but AMD Freesync and AI Gaming tech to please the casual gamer.

While the C745 has Freesync Premium and is capable of 144Hz Variable Refresh Rate, and – also features IMAX Enhanced certification meaning more picture on the right choice of movies.

TCL has also obtained TUV certification for the eye-care specifications built into the TVs, bringing some of the smaller perhaps less important features well in line with their main competitor Hisense in the Aussie market.

For genuine value, the 2023 4K LED range features the P745 which will come in a range of sizes from at least 55 inches up to 85, and has a range of features like HDR, Wide Colour Gamut and Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos to make it a great value buy.

The entire range features the Google TV operating system which is pleasing, because in a world where TV manufactures are making their own bespoke OS versions which push content their own way as well as ads, this gives as much power as possible to the user. TCL is the Number 1 seller of Google TV enabled Televisions in the world – mind blowing.

Prices for full range of TCL TVs in Australia in 2023

  • C845
    • 98 Inch – Coming Soon
    • 85 Inch – $4999
    • 75 Inch – $3999
    • 65 Inch – $2999
    • 55 Inch – $1999
    • 50 Inch – Coming Soon
  • C745
    • 98 Inch – $8999
    • 85 Inch – $3999
    • 75 Inch – $2999
    • 65 Inch – $1999
    • 55 Inch – $1699
  • C645
    • 85 Inch – $2999
    • 75 Inch – $2499
    • 50 Inch – $999
    • 43 Inch – $899
  • P745
    • 85 Inch – $2999
    • 75 Inch – $1999
    • 65 Inch – $1399
    • 55 Inch – $999
    • 50 Inch – $899
    • 43 Inch – $799

Trevor Long travelled to Thailand as a guest of TCL Australia