Canon has unveiled the new lightweight vlogging camera, the PowerShot V10 designed to make vlogging easy so anyone can do it.

The new PowerShot V10 offers an all-in-one solution combining high-quality microphones, a built-in stand along with a wide-angle lens for high quality stills and video.

The Canon PowerShot V10 features a large 1-inch CMOS sensor able to capture 4K video quality (4K UHD at 29.97/25.00 fps and Full HD at 59.94/50.00 fps).  The vlogging camera is a vertical body with a 2.0-inch LCD flip touchscreen display to allow you to view your video from any angle while recording.  The camera may be in a vertical body, but it can still capture up to an hour of video in either orientation.

Canon has included 14 colour filter effects and Smooth Skin mode and a Movie Digital IS mode for the handheld videography to reduce camera shake resulting in sharper, clearer footage.  To help you capture your best quality vlog the PowerShot V10 includes an auto level feature, aiding you to keep the video straight.

The camera includes two large stereo microphones for narration along with a third audio noise reduction microphone.  If you need to record but use both hands to create your content the PowerShot V10 includes a built-in stand.

As you’d expect, the camera automatically connects to the Canon Camera Connect app on your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi.  There is also the option to connect via HDMI or USB-C for fast transfer.

For those live streamers the Canon PowerShot V10 has easy-to-use live streaming capabilities to either YouTube or Facebook.

Available in Black or Silver, the PowerShot V10 will be available in Australia from June 2023 with an RRP of $699.