Almost half way through the year, Hisense has finally released the pricing and availability for their 2023 range of TVs and Laser TVs for Australia – and they didn’t disappoint.

While TCL are spruiking their success with 98 inch TVs, and Samsung sets up for their own 98 inch TV this year, Hisense have waited patiently and released a lineup that feels like a “hold my beer” moment including a mega 100 inch TV in the range for a tantalising price of $6,999.

It’s a remarkable price for a TV that size, which, for all intents and purposes is last year’s premium range technology now in the mid-range for Hisense.

At the top end, the new Mini LED Pro technology offers a stunning new level of black and contrast from an LED TV, that’s found in the UX model range in the large 75 and 85 inch sizes.

Those UX models feature some 20,000 backlights over more than 5,000 dimming zones and pumping out an impressive 2,500 nits of brightness.

A new Dynamic X Display has five times less reflection, and 1 billion unique colours, HDR10+ support along with Dolby Vision IQ and IMAX Enhanced certification. It’s got everything Hisense has to throw at it.

Every single ULED in the Hisense range this year is a Mini-LED, the newest TV technology across the range is a big win for consumers.

Continued support for high-end features like 144Hz Game Mode Pro on the U8K range, while it’s the third level down U7K range which comes in sizes from 55 inches right up to 100 inches.

A 100 inch TV with 144Hz support and Mini LED technology is just wild.

Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing, Hisense ANZ says, “We are incredibly proud to announce that our new 2023 TV range is the best-performing and most premium one yet. Our customers can expect to be delighted by the quality of this year’s products thanks to our most versatile range of TVs which incorporate premium technology at all price points.”

“Reflecting on the last 12 months, buyer expectations have evolved within the home entertainment category – Australians are increasingly looking for the latest tech through a price-conscious lens, so the level of choice we offer our customers is important. That’s why our 2023 range has been designed to deliver a premium experience that ticks all the latest feature boxes, with attainability front of mind,”

In addition to the “standard” TV range, Hisense is continuing their bigger big screen support with their Laser TV range, including the L9H TriChroma Laser TV in both 100 and 120 inch screen versions.

All these TV’s and Laser TV’s come with VIDAA U7 which has all the key apps people desire, like the newly added 10Play, Binge and Apple TV+.

Here’s the full range and pricing for Hisense TVs in Australia for 2023:

ModelSize and PriceAvailability
L8HSET TriChroma Laser TV (with Screen)100 Inch – $6,499
120 Inch – $7,499
U6KAU Mini-LED TV55 Inch – $1,199
65 Inch – $1,499
75 Inch – $1,999
U7KAU ULED Mini-LED TV55 Inch – $1,499
65 Inch – $2,299
75 Inch – $2,999
85 Inch – $3,999
100 Inch – $6,999
U8KAU ULED Mini-LED TV65 Inch – $2,499
74 Inch – $3,499
UXAU ULED Mini-LED Pro TV75 Inch – $4,999
85 Inch – $9,999
PX2-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema (no Screen)$3,999August