Your local 7-Eleven might look very different in the years to come with the company looking to invest in new “Grab and Go” technology which could allow you to simply take what you need and walk out!

The concept is similar, if not identical to the Amazon Go business which when it launched was staggering, and today looks set to be implemented in places like Football stadiums too! Amazon has grown the concept from just being Amazon account holders to allowing you to scan a credit card on the way in and shop to that card rather than an Amazon account.

Funnily enough, I did a video on that concept four years ago, and referenced 7-Eleven‘s own vision for the future of shopping:

And now, we’re back to where we started, with 7-Eleven looking to launch “grabandgo” within their second generation Pay and Go app in 10 stores by the end of 2024.

Grabandgo is a technology company that creates the AI experience allowing customers to skip the cash register and not even need to scan purchases on your device.

7-Eleven Australia General Manager -Technology and Strategy, Stephen Eyears said “7-Eleven’s current My 7-Eleven App Pay and Go feature lets consumers scan their items, or fill their vehicle at the pump, and complete their transaction on their phone without the need to queue at the register.

“The enhancement the team is working with Grabango to develop will make it even more convenient for our customers who choose to pay with the Pay and Go feature as they won’t need to scan merchandise items individually.

Grab a 7-Eleven Sandwich, and walk out – the future! – Photo: Cameron Laird

“This Australian first partnership with Grabango follows on from our launch of Australia’s first cashless and cardless convenience store in 2019, and the national rollout of pay and go solutions into all of our stores nationally earlier this year.”

No word yet as to which stores will get the technology, but it certainly is a fast-moving time for retail around the world, and Australia isn’t being left behind.