Cisco Australia has won its fourth consecutive title of the best workplace in Australia according to Great Place To Work, somehow beating out EFTM. Notably it has done so while at the same time promoting a hybrid workplace which all the commercial landlords keep telling us companies and workers don’t want.

Cisco has instead been implementing its own technology and “conscious culture” practices to help staff remain connected and productive while being able to work from anywhere.

Cisco ANZ VP, Ben Dawson said, “Our people first strategy focuses on creating a culture of trust and transparency and empowering our employees to unlock their full potential. In the hybrid world that we all now operate in, enabling our people to work flexibly, underpinned by the right technology, remains a priority for us.

This year’s survey found 94% of employees at Cisco expressed their commitment to all aspects at Cisco Australia making it number one for workplaces in Australia. Cisco Australia has a commitment itself to a diverse and inclusive workplace, something that is obviously appreciated by their employees.

Cisco supports our employees in their efforts to give back and create a positive impact in the wider community, as part of our mission to create an inclusive future for all. It is a key part of our culture and one that our employees greatly value,” Ben added.

Cisco also have a program called Time2Give which gives employees 10 days of volunteering leave to allow them to contribute to their communities in various ways. Examples of the volunteering includes work at Pride, Women of Cisco and Cisco’s Disability Awareness Network.

In this way employees are happy at work which fosters their enthusiasm for their jobs allowing Cisco to remain a market leader in their industry, providing innovative solutions for their customers. In fact, more than 90% of employees acknowledge that management have genuine interest in them as individuals and people, beyond their role as employees.

Cisco Australia are setting an example that we all hope more companies follow. I know one former employee of mine who thought the opposite but could learn a good deal from Cisco. Well done Cisco.