Meta released a half-baked version of Meta to the world in early July and saying half-baked is being nice. One thing that was missing at the time was a web version but now that, along with other missing features, has been implemented.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the web version by, you guessed it, a Thread post. The new website, at, allows you to browse your feeds, post a Thread and reply to others’ Threads, something you would have been unable to do in a browser until now.

Threads has seen a decrease in engagement followings its launch and it hoped that the new web version will lure many users back to Threads and that many of the still-missing features will now start making their way to the new platform. The list of still-missing features includes content search, hashtags and DMs.

It is unclear just which of these are actually in the pipeline for release, with DMs already being on the outer with Mosseri saying he’s not a fan of adding another inbox to everyone’s lives. With Threads still so closely aligned to Instagram you can see why this is not a priority and possibly not even required.

For those of you who do like Threads you can now get your fix from any browser by simply heading over to