Over some years now RØDE has worked to innovate in the video industry with class leading and best-selling microphones dominating the videography world. Their entry into the wireless market with the Wireless Go some years ago was huge, and while it’s been a game changer in the content community it’s not found a perfect home in the professional video community.

Think TV studios, or TV camera crews, they’ve always had a reliance on different gear for a range of reasons – but RØDE is hoping to change that with a product that ticks boxes for true audio professionals in the video production game, and video producers who can be frustrated by sub-par audio.

Enter, the Rode Wireless Pro

This product features the same compact design as the Wireless Go and Me series products.

In the box is a single receiver and two transmitters, as always they can be equipped with a Lavalier Microphone – which – come in the box.

In fact, even the receiver can have a Lav attached (TRRS) but that’s just not included.

The receiver is high end, not only does it show a digital display of all the TX outputs, you can even plug headphones in to listen to the feed, outputting via USB to your phone or recording on devices.

A record button is present on both transmitters, allowing you to control record times on the microphones, each with 32GB of storage.

At a pro level, the features are all about quality. 32 Bit FLOAT recording, means your audio won’t clip if it’s too loud, in fact it becomes insanely manipulable in post production.

Meanwhile range is boostted to 260meters line of sight, and there’s timecode functionality to sync with your camera to ensure a simpler edit for the post production team.

They come for $699 with an accessory case, and from what we can see the PRO Case is an option, which offers additional battery charge from within the case so you’re always record ready.

Pro level, at a consumer style – these are potential game-changers.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, pro Audio guys are out there spending $3,000 on receivers and microphones, so that $699 price tag is still very appealing.

Time will tell how they are received, but right now, it’s looking good for those people who just want a little more.