In it’s fifth generation you’d think Samsung would have nailed the Flip folding smartphone by now. And they have. I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 as my primary phone for a week since it was announced and if it wasn’t for the fact this is a short term review unit I’d be using it for a fair while to come.

Now coming into this, you should know, I love the Flip form factor, been an advocate since before it existed and I’ve used them all – even ones that never got released, so I come at this from a place of great desire for the form factor’s success but also I’m critical of the simplest things.

Let’s talk about the design of the Galaxy Z Flip5

Finally, a flat closing flip phone from Samsung. While the original Flip was amazing just to see, over the course of a few years it became ever more obvious that the gap between the two sides at the hinge was an eyesore and that wedged shape wouldn’t cut it long term.

Fast forward to Mobile World Congress this year and Oppo blew us all away with a stunning Find N2 Flip with a similar design to Samsung but a full flat closure. Then Motorola did the same with their new 40 series Razr phones. Your move Samsung.

And I was worried, but it turns out for no reason – Samsung delivered just what the needed to – a flat fold, same form factor, similar in every way – except no gap. Boom.

When closed they took the front screen to the next level at 3.4 inches, though I think the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra might be a better looking implementation, it’s a fine balance because Samsung’s screen is uninterrupted by camera lenses.

Flip5’s Flex Screen is awesome

Speaking of the screen, it’s awesome. When I compare how I use a traditional smartphone with it flat facing up screen lights up with notifications, I tap and open the app, read them etc. On the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 I get the same experience, without opening the phone, it’s more at a glance, it’s simple and yes, I can reply in full to messages I receive. So good.

The apps or widgets on the Flex (Cover) screen are great, I don’t need most of them so can remove them – but I like the quick dial feature for favourite contacts, and I like the calendar.

Also, the standard screen I’ve chosen gives me loads of info like battery and notification status so I’m just loving what I get at a glance.

It’s a huge improvement on the previous generation, and while Scott LOVES the Moto 40 Ultra so much he bought one, I think it’s possible Samsung’s implementation is just a bit tighter given how they skin the operating system to work just as they need it to.

Don’t mention the camera

Look, it’s a good camera, don’t get me wrong. Everyday photos look great and you won’t get any insta complaints.

Even video is exceptional, I recored a TikTok down on a windy beach and the audio was amazing, so kudos for that.

Functionally, it’s awesome to have the closed version of this phone act as a full camera, with the Flex Window offering a viewfinder to the main cameras and a simple tap of the volume button as the shutter or a open hand to closed hand triggering the shutter.

Quality wise, awesome.

But be careful to hold it with the lenses at the top, or you’ll end up with a finger in the shot 🙁

Pro tip, switch the settings so it’s a 9:16 ratio so you get a photo you can share on stories or wherever because those square ones are great, but old school Instagram only.

Where the camera lets itself down is low light. I was watching Nate Bargatze at the Enmore Theatre – great show – kept the phone away the whole show, and as he said thanks and signed off, I snapped this with the phone open and using the main camera:

Not great, let’s be honest.

Of course, something this size, this complex will have it’s compromises.

Bottom line, camera is good, but it’s not flagship level so that’s the big area Samsung needs to push if they want the Z series foldable range to outsell the S series.

Galaxy Z Flip5 Battery Life

I’m pretty happy with battery life.

It’s not S series or iPhone levels, for sure, but it’s a whole day battery no issues.

I don’t really go many days without plugging in to my car or sitting the phone on a charger, so I had to intentionally do that, and on the two days i did it, the result was a full day of use, with anxiety around the battery at around mid evening.

I wouldn’t have an issue owning the Flip5 based on battery alone.

Slippery little sucker

The only thing other than the night or low light photos that has bugged me is that it’s a slippery little sucker. Great for pocketability, but when its on a desk, or even some wireless chargers, it’s just slowly edging off.

I’ve found it on the floor more times than I’d care to admit.

With a case on that won’t be an issue – but, I don’t wanna put a case on it:)

Is this the ultimate Digital Wallet?


I have not carried a wallet in many years, and Apple Pay and Google Pay have served me well on many devices.

While I normally just sign into the Google Wallet on an Android phone, Samsung Wallet offers something perfectly awesome.

On the front Flex Window or Cover screen, you simply swipe up and get your digital wallet.

@trevorlong Is this the ultimate Digital Wallet? Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover screen presents the perfect display of your digital wallet, and it’s so easy to use too! #Samsung #Galaxy #ZFlip #flip #fold #wallet #ZFlip5 #digitalwallet #wallet #cashless #cashlesssociety #techtok #tech #new ♬ original sound – Trevor Long

Legit, awesome. I’d buy it just for this.

Flip vs Fold

Anyone who knows me and has followed my reviews knows I’ve not been a Fold fan since the get-go. I stand by that first review.

It’s too thick, too big in your pocket.

But people love them!

Either device has the Flex mode allowing you to watch content like videos without holding the phone – a cool way to watch Youtube for sure

This year Samsung reckon the Flip will outsell the Fold – no question in my book. Fold has a niche audience but a powerful and big spending one.

Mass market though, the Flip is the future. Mark my words.

Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5?

It’s a yes from me. Love this phone, despite those minor quirks. If I balance how many night or low light photos I take against the other factors, this is a no brainer.

Is it the best Flip phone? Probably not – I like the Moto 40 Ultra in the hand better, and I do much love that screen too.

Though I think Samsung is the safe and smart choice here, given their scale and ecosystem. Could be a good battle though

You can read about all the best deals and prices in our earlier article from the launch.

Trevor Long travelled to Korea as a guest of Samsung for the launch of the Flip5 and was provided this device on a short term loan for this review.