Motorola aren’t just launching a new phone, it feels like they’re relaunching the brand with their new Edge 50 range of smartphones about to hit the Aussie market, alongside a set of Moto earphones with inspiration and input from one of the biggest names in audio.

I’ve been busting to talk about these phones since I was briefed on them in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new “edge 50” series is a step above for Motorola and should land very nicely for Aussie consumers in the $599 and $999 price points.

A very competitive space, it’s not just good enough to have a good phone, you need a phone that can stand out, and what Motorola appear to have done, from my view of the announcement anyway (we’ll have reviews soon) is take every feature and supercharge it.

Playing on their Exclusive Pantone partnership you get great design coupled with on-trend colour options. Sure there’s a “black” option but that’s taking the boring way out by the looks of things. With a handcrafted “Moonlight Pearl” finish on the edge 50 Pro offering a literal one of a kind look – like your own design fingerprint, as well as some snappy colour options too.

There are two devices launching, the Motorola edge 50 Pro and edge 50 Fusion. While an “Ultra” version does exist overseas, locally the team have opted to go with these two models as they fit perfectly in the sweet spot for those looking for a handset under $1000.

Motorola edge 50 Pro

The edge 50 pro is utterly feature packed. We’re looking at IP68 water resistance, Snapdragon 7 Gen 3, Corning Gorilla Glass covering a 6.7 inch Super HD 1220p pOLED display, running at 144 Hz with a touch rate of 360Hz in gaming mode.

A 4500mAh battery offers a solid day of battery life while the real standout here is 125W wired and 50W wireless charging. Heck the Motorola edge 50 Pro can even share it’s own power out at 10W.

And if you think the 125W charging is a gimmick, think again, the Motorola edge 50 Pro comes with a 125W power brick included in the box. So you get exactly what you’re paying for!

Cameras are cracking too, a 50MP main camera with an F/1.4 aperture and Optical Image Stabilisation, while the 120 degree 13MP ultrawide and 10MP 3x optical rear lenses compliment it perfectly.

Around the front, selfies have never looked so good, a 50MP f/1.9 front camera folks – that’s wild.

Moto’s camera app features your regular Portrait modes but at 24/35/50 and 85mm options, as well as Macro, Long Exposure, Time Lapse, Dual Capture, Ultra-Res, Night Vision, Tilt Shift and even SCAN mode – which is powered by Adobe Scan for quickly scanning documents with your smartphone.

AI features strongly too, with Photo enhancement, Auto smile capture, gesture capture, Google Lens integration and more.

For the first time Motorola is also incorporating all the features of Google Photos out of the box.

The Motorola edge 50 pro comes in Black Beauty, Luxe Lavender and Moonlight Pearl, with the Pearl being a limited edition online only option.

Motorola edge 50 Fusion

Stepping it down to the $599 product, and you get the options of a dark “Forest Blue”, a light “Marshmallow Blue” in Vegan Leather, or the Hot Pink in Vegan Suede.

Still with a pOLED 6.7 inch screen, and still with a cracking 50MP main camera and 32MP front camera, this one won’t disappoint either, especially with the 144Hz refresh rate on the screen.

The 5,000mAh battery is big, and you can charge at 68W with the included charger.

Both feature 3 years of OS updates and 4 years of security updates

Moto Buds+

Drawing on their partnership with Bose, Motorola is introducing the Buds+ which are moto headphones but with “Sound by Bose”.

Hi-Res Audio, Dynamic Active Noise Cancelling, Dolby Head Tracking and Dual dynamic drivers these have what it takes to sound great, but look good too with 8 hour battery life and another 30 in the case.

They’ll sell for $249 online only at , but are also on offer for those early birds who buy the Motorola Edge 50 pro – so snap up a free set of headphones as your redeemed gift with purchase from any retailer in Australia between 30 April and 14 May 2024.