When you walk around a trade show life IFA in Berlin you see a lot of brands you’ve never heard of, and some that are iconic. Those we’ve never heard of are often big names in Europe that simply never made it to Australia, others are no-names trying to get their big break. But Kärcher stood out to me at IFA not just because I know the name, but I was blown away by the extent of their product range.

I’ve got a Kärcher pressure washer, and I have seen one floor cleaner of theirs before, but I think from what I’m seeing we’re going to see a whole lot more of the brand in the year ahead with plenty of their IFA products likely to hit Australia in 2024.

Of course, the pressure washers still exist, but in 2023 we’ve moved from a power cable running through the backyard to a battery in the unit to give you complete portability.

The company has a medium pressure machine that operates on battery and has a 12 litre tank in it so you don’t even need to unwind the hose!

Then there’s the collapsable portable low pressure unit designed to go anywhere with you that might allow you to wash down the dog after it’s been in the mud, or give the bike a spray down after you’ve hit the MTB trails.

At home there’s more products than I could ever have imagined. Including Robot Vacuums, something I don’t know will come to Australia but on brand alone it’s a strong move, and they appear to have all the key technologies included in their range.

Window cleaners, stick vacuums and electric mops, the range is vast and challenges many areas of the home cleaning space.

Critically, we all know Kärcher as the “Yellow” stuff, but in 2024 we’ll see White Kärcher products, launching as their premium range, products that have previously been yellow will release in white, no doubt a response to the thought that “it’s a great product but…” with the Yellow just not fitting in with the home decor of many families.

Lots to look out for in the year ahead – personally, I’ve got my eyes on their pressure washers which are either battery powered, or even smart connected these days – that could be the way I clean my new car!

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