Razer has kicked off RAZERCON 2023 with a myriad of announcements ranging from reaffirming their commitment to sustainability, a partnership with Dolce & Gabbana, new smart lighting, new chairs, and of course new gaming peripherals.

Razer Huntsman line with the new Analog Optical Switch Gen-2

Razer has a large range of keyboards and has now updated their pro-level Huntsman series with new features and most importantly, a new Analog Optic Switch Gen-2 from Razer.

The new switch has an actuation force of just 40 grams with optical technology zero debounce delay. The actuation is adjustable from 0.1mm up to 4.0mm. The new switch triggers faster than previously and can change from one signal to another with just an adjustment of the finger without having to remove it from the key at all.

Actuation distance of the new switches can be adjusted on a per key basis and saved to whatever profile you want for added customisation to the game you are in. The rapid trigger can be easily toggled on and off using the caps lock key.

Each switch is covered with textured doubleshot PBT keycaps and the keyboards include dedicated control buttons and dials. The keyboard is Razer’s top line keyboard for a reason and the styling is premium.

The Huntsman line is available in a Pro version for $469.95, a Pro Tenkeyless for $419.95 and a Pro Mini for $339.95.

Razer Fujin and Fujin Pro breathable mesh gaming chairs

The new Fujin gaming chairs offer a material which is an ultra-high quality mesh that is breathable, lightweight and durable. The mesh is also resistant to wear and tear with it including some form or dust and spill proof and scratch resistant properties.

With a strong aluminium frame that can carry up to 136 kg if offers improved comfort thanks to synchro-tilt technology and the ability to alter lumbar support height and depth. Add in a headrest in the pro version and adjustable armrests and you have a gaming chair that will keep you comfortable for long gaming sessions.

The Fujin Pro includes the depth adjustable lumbar support and a headrest along with a stronger frame and will cost $1,749 while the Fujin, still made from the comfortable breathable mesh will cost $1,139.

Razer smart home lighting

RGB lighting is in nearly every single Razer peripheral and now it can be synced with their own smart home lighting: Introducing the Aether Light Strip, the Aether Light Bulb and the Aether Lamp and the Lamp Pro.

All new lighting products support Matter and work with Alexa and Google Home assistants to deliver a full gaming room environment with the ability to use the Razer RGB software to sync and integrate the room lights with the game being played — just how you would for your desktop RGB products.

Available at Razerstores and Razer.com the Aether Light Strip will be available for $243.95 in Q4 with a light strip extender available for $56.95.

All available in Q4 2023 the Aether Light Bulb will set you back $93.95, the Aether Lamp $149.95 and the Aether Lamp Pro for $243.95.

Razer Apparel and Gear announcement

Razer has had some big name collabs in the past including A Bathing Ape, Panerai and more. Their new collab for apparel and gear is with big name fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.

New clothing from the two companies includes some great looking t-shirts, hoodies and pants. The clothing will be available only at Dolce & Gabbana.

Clothing may be Dolce & Gabbana’s bread and butter but gaming peripherals is Razer’s. With some stylish Dolce & Gabbana touches Razer in also introducing peripherals from the two companies including some impressive-looking headphones with a 24K gold plated finish (limited to 1337 units worldwide) and a Dolce & Gabbana-styled gaming chair — both available only at Razer.com.

One final announcement from the two companies was a concept and not a product ready for the market yet — the world’s first Razer Chroma RGB chair. the RGB chair is based off their award-winning comfort of the Razer Enki.


It seems that every company briefing we attend these days has a section dedicated to their commitment to climate change and a future of sustainability. Razer is no different and actually mentioned it first with a long segment dedicated to it.

Razer announced that their global offices are 100% powered by renewable energy, and this was achieved two years ahead of their original 2025 timeline and goal. Since 2019 they have actually achieved a 90% reduction in carbon emissions.

Their packaging are now almost entirely recycled paper and cardboard with their peripherals now composed of up to 40% recycled materials. Razer are not the first manufacturer to commit to significant climate change policies but it is still good to see manufacturers showing concern for our dying planet.

Razercon is on now. Head on over to the RAZERCON website to check out all the latest on their announcements, speakers, the opportunity to win prizes and more.