Following trials in Townsville and the Fraser Coast the Queensland Government is continuing its roll-out of a Digital Drivers Licence with residents who expressed interest in the digital credential receiving notice they can activate now.

There’s no details clearly published about the results of the trial or even the extent of this new phase but by the looks of it, the app is struggling to cope with the demand generated by their mailout to interested residents.

Most drivers would not have a QDi (Queensland Digital id) and users are reporting failures when the authentication process is initiated

When the verification code is used users are greeted by error messages and prompted to “Try again” or seek troubleshooting steps on the government website. Too many attempts results in your account being blocked with instructions on how to unblock it

Other users have been more successful and have had their identity authorised, only to fall at the hurdle of accepting the terms and conditions.

Perseverance seems to be the key in Queensland, because eventually the errors cease and access is granted.

Once you do get through, the license is available within the specific licence app that’s been launched.  As well as presenting your clear license information, you are able to share the licence which presents a clear QR code for validation we assume at places like licenced venues, but also a simple and clear age verification option.

The implementation of digital drivers licences are nothing new. NSW has long ago introduced the innovation as part of the overall Services NSW app. South Australia also has the modern approach to identification and Victoria is undergoing a trial with a full implementation by 2024.

Unfortunately whilst there are several options to share your digital licence with others it’s not possible share your licence into Apple or Google Wallets. 

There is however an option to share your feedback so no doubt this request plus the ability to open the app via biometrics such as Face ID will be right up there in the list of desired features.