We are all at the mercy of those subscriptions we’ve signed up to and in some cases forgotten about, but when the prices go up they have to let us know which is what’s happened today with YouTube, announcing a price increase to $16.99 per month!

Currently, NEW accounts are being charged $13.99 per month, so this increase represents a 21% increase in price.

However, for many long-term users their price has been $11.99 for some time, so an email about a $5 price rise is going to hit hard.

That’s a 41% price increase.

YouTube is offering three months extra at your current price, but the $16.99 is coming and it’s coming fast.

The Premium experience is one that’s hard to come back from, watching any content you want with no YouTube ads – it’s a breeze.

I’d even considered upgrading to the family plan, but that’s now showing as $32.99 per month! So my kids can keep watching ads thanks.

Another good reminder to check what you’re paying for and maybe start cutting costs.