It’s remarkable to me that everyone doesn’t have a video doorbell, gone are the days of a simple “ding dong”, we’re not at a point where you can get security alerts, package notifications and talk to anyone at your front door from anywhere in your home, or in the world.

Arlo has had a product in this market for a while now, but their latest generation takes that and turns up the dial on all of it, and – is made remarkably easy to setup.

Design tweaks to the 2nd generation

Having already had an Arlo Video Doorbell, I took the opportunity to sit the two models side by side and see that not only is the new model a more refined curved design, but it’s slightly smaller too.

Previous generation Arlo Video Doorbell (Left) compared to the new 2k 2nd generation (right)

When you approach the door I think the white glowing LED around the doorbell button is brighter, it’s certainly stood out to me, and my kids have almost all noticed it just walking in the door – that helps ensure people are drawn in to press the doorbell.

Installing the 2K Arlo Video Doorbell 2nd Generation

I guess for 99% of buyers, the idea isn’t to take out the current Arlo Doorbell and put this one in, but I was a bit miffed that the mounting points (screw holes) were not identical to the previous generation, meaning a new hole had to be drilled. Not a drama, just a simple frustration is all:)

But aside from that, it is really quite easy. A SIM pin style poker in the top of the device separates the gadget from the mount, allowing you to charge the doorbell before install, and get the mounting bracket on the wall.

From there, it’s easy to simply push it back in, bottom first, then the top clicks in.

How hard is it to setup an Arlo Video Doorbell?

Yes, I asked this question intentionally, because core to the new range of Arlo Essentials series cameras – including this Doorbell – is the new Bluetooth setup.

This new method replaces the QR code style of previous camera’s which required you to hold your phone in front of the camera to get it to “read” the QR code to commence the setup. While I never had an issue with this, feedback at Arlo was that it could be simplified and let’s be real, I think everyone knows how to Bluetooth pair, even easier now with smartphones allowing devices to connect together without you ever going into the Settings app.

From there, the device simply needs your WiFi network.

So what’s new about the Arlo Video Doorbell 2K

The tip is in the name. 2K.

This is at its heart, a part of the Arlo Essentials range, but it is THE Video doorbell for Arlo, no matter how Pro or Ultra your camera setup is.

Previous Generation (Left), New 2K Arlo Video Doorbell (Right)

While it’s hard to really see in this image, which I’m sure is compressed by our site – there is a remarkable level of detail in the surroundings. The brickwork in particular is where i notice it most.

Detail in the face isn’t that different at all, but the camera’s ability to deal with the bright Sun through improved sensor, resolution and HDR makes a different to the detail all around.

Aside from that, it should be noted that this new Arlo Essentials Video Doorbell 2K 2nd Generation is charged via USB-C.

That is great, and easy – but it is also my only negative about the product. I own a spare battery for my previous Arlo Video Doorbell, and when I get the “Low battery” email or pop up notification, I simply swap it out, done.

Now, You need to remove the camera, take it inside to charge, and put it back once done.

Not a deal breaker ok – but just remember to get it out there.

Why choose a Video Doorbell?

There’s two types of home owner, those who have security cameras and those that don’t.

Those that do should have a Video Doorbell because it’s a no brainer to integrate into your existing system and get the advantage of the remote door answering and such.

But for those who don’t, a Video Doorbell can also be your first security camera.

The doorbell can alert you to motion even when no-one presses the doorbell button. Plus with Arlo Secure (additional subscription) it will differentiate between people, cars, animals and even packages.

Seriously, get one.

Price and overall thoughts?

Despite my spare battery dilemma, I’ll be sticking with the 2nd generation Arlo Video Doorbell, just on quality alone, but also it’s a nice design too.

For those new to the market, the $229 price tag (saw it this morning at $219 at Officeworks) is a cracker.

A perfect weekend DIY project – and it only takes half an hour from go to woah to get it going.

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