How well do you know the drone rules? If you got a drone for Christmas it’s important you understand what you can and can’t do – and if you’ve had one for a while then should you refresh your memory?

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has launched a new online quiz which takes a matter of minutes and will help you refresh your memory and test just how well you know the rules.

CASA has tested the knowledge of thousands of recreations flyers and found that the average user got just 8 out of 11 correct.

It’s a reminder that no matter how long you’ve been flying you need to know the rules and refresh yourself too!

CASA’s own figures suggest there are 1.8 million Aussies flying drones and of course, there would be a fair few more today after Santa came to visit.

JB Hi-Fi is part of a national network of CASA-recognised drone safety advocates, and are playing their part by ensuring customers get the information they need about drone safety at the point of purchase.

‘Whether purchased online or in-store, every drone sold by JB Hi-Fi comes with the CASA safety information on when, where, and how to use their drone safely,’ JB Hi-Fi spokesperson said. 

‘We recognise the importance of our customers getting the right information on sharing the air, and that’s why JB Hi-Fi supports the Know Your Drone campaign.

‘We display the yellow and black drone safety advocate symbol in our JB Hi-Fi stores and on our website. We also include safety information with each drone to help customers be responsible drone owners. 

CASA’s Sharon Marshall-Keeffe is encouraging all recreational drone flyers to take the quiz ‘We encourage all drone operators, whether they have been flying for one day or a decade, to learn the drone safety rules before taking to the skies this Christmas. 

‘It’s incredibly important that recreational drone operators understand the safety rules and fly their drones responsibly to keep themselves and others safe,’ Sharon said. 

‘Anyone can take the quiz and challenge their friends and family too, by visiting the Know Your Drone website, taking the quiz, and sharing their score.

In addition, CASA is reminding people to use a certified drone safety app to check before you fly. These apps, like OpenSky allow you to check a pinpoint location to see if there are any restrictions in that area.

To take the quiz, visit