When we think value, we think bang-for-your-buck, and whenever someone asks me for advice on mobile plans my go-to is Kogan Mobile. Because at it’s core their plans are Value based.

Yes, Boost Mobile has the best overall Mobile Plans, we’ve already awarded that – but for the most part that’s for people who pine for the Telstra network as their primary concern.

If you’re concern is saving money – then let’s talk Kogan Mobile.

Their 12 months plans are outrageous value. Pay up front $120 and that’s $10 a month you’ve paid, and you get 120GB of data – come on, that’s insane.

Fine, you need more data, 200GB for (today) $140 – heck there is a deal on now for 500GB of data over a year at $180.

This screams value, raw simple savings and value.

I can’t go past it – the EFTM BEST Award for BEST VALUE MOBILE PLANS goes to Kogan Mobile for 2023.