Everything old is new again they say, and at the same time there’s a segment of the market that hasn’t yet experienced the joy of wondering which car pulling up is the one you’re meant to get into – the Joy of Uber. No more! Now anyone with a basic mobile phone can book an Uber by simply calling 13-UBER.

That’s right, 13 82 37 will connect you to a call centre (most likely in the Phillipines from the tests I’ve witnessed) where you will be asked for a pickup and drop off address.

You do have to have a mobile phone though, to receive the booking confirmation (which will include the Uber’s licence plate) and a text when the car is approaching.

There’s a $3 booking fee for the service, but in reality, that’s not dissimilar to the fact you pay a phone booking fee for a Taxi too.

Obviously not aimed at those of us happy to use the Uber App, this service is all about reaching a generation that has a mobile, but just isn’t that comfortable using an App for these kinds of things. So a trip to the doctor, to the shops, or up to the local club is easier with Uber just a phone call away.

It’s really one last attack on the Taxi industry who have fought back really well in recent years in the age of Uber, but might struggle more if this takes off.

Uber cite research saying 93% of Aussies aged 65+ would prefer to book a service over the phone, and 43% aren’t confident booking via apps.

Dom Taylor, Managing Director of Uber ANZ said:“Our mission is to provide every customer with the opportunity to use Uber, the way they would like to. We’re excited to be offering our 13-UBER service nationally, to provide older Australians with a little extra assistance, when they want to use our services,”

“We often hear from riders whose family members want to use Uber, but are unfamiliar with how to navigate a smartphone. Now, with 13-UBER, everyone in the family can enjoy the same effortless Uber experience, even without the app. This feature brings the convenience of live support to our matching technology, so everyday Australians can book a ride the way that they want.”

It’s a full disclosure service too, on the phone you’ll be told the same options as in the app, different car choices, ride cost estimates etc.

Sounds like a great idea to me.