It wasn’t that long ago that our main level of protection from online threats was “Anti-Virus” software on your computer to stop those nasty viruses causing you harm on your PC, but today, the threats are far more personal and thus we’ve taken a look at the refreshed Trend Micro ID Protection Advanced to see just how we’re tracking online.

Internet Security is a critical part of your overall online protection offering your mobile, tablet and PC devices – ensuring you don’t fall victim to the malware and ransomware scams going around, as well as protecting you from clicking links you shouldn’t. But there’s a whole world of pain out there that isn’t coming as a result of things happening on your devices.

Unfortunately, Aussies are far too aware of this after 2022 when Optus, Medibank and Latitude made us realise how quickly tens of millions of people could have their personal information stolen from systems far from your own control, often systems we’ve trusted.

That’s where Trend Micro ID Protection Advanced comes in, and it now goes a few steps further than ever before.

At it’s core, ID protection is a fantastic app that allows you to enter your personal data which Trend Micro can then monitor the Dark Web for.

This can include your Email, Personal Details (Like Name, Data of Birth, Phone Number, Address), Online accounts, Identity (Passport and Drivers Licence), as well as Bank Account Number and Social media accounts, even your Tax File Number.

Getting a list of the data breaches in which your own personal data has appeared is a pretty confronting thing – in my case the list is long, but – nothing I wasn’t aware of.

You are notified of new leaks of breaches by the app, which will then allow you to take actions such as changing passwords or updating your personal information.

A big part of the update to ID Protection this year is helping you with you passwords. Generating strong passwords, rating your actual password strength and of course managing your passwords.

These days, the Password is going to be the riskiest part of your online identity – so generating a strong password is critical, as is understanding how strong your existing passwords are. At the same time of course you can monitor the Dark Web for your password too.

The basic (or Standard) Trend Micro ID Protection is just $79.95 per year to give you all that protection, however for 2024 there’s a new level of protection that’s frankly outrageous value.

Trend Micro ID Security Advanced is $119 per year, and includes all the standard package, but also comes with a 12 month subscription to Equifax Credit Protect – itself valued at $120.

The service isn’t integrated into the Trend Micro ID App, instead a short time after activating your ID Protection you will receive a Promo Code to redeem at Equifax.

Once there, the process is really simple, enter your details at Equifax and receive a real-time Credit Report and Credit Score.

For many this will be the first sign of any detailed Identity theft.

If someone has obtained enough of your Identity through the dark web or data breaches they might be applying for credit under your name without you knowing.

Using The Equifax Credit Protect system, you’ll see any applications made you might not be aware of, plus get alerts to applications or hits on your credit report.

For $119, it’s an overall Identity protection unlike anything we’ve seen before. Given the escalation in data breaches and leaks over recent years, it’s the ideal level of protection for the modern age.

Know how your personal information is being used, and who’s using it. That’s what you get from Trend Micro ID Protection Advanced.