A milestone this week for smart home security company Arlo surpassing 3 million paid accounts on their AI-powered subscription service Arlo Secure.

“Arlo launched the first consumer AI subscription in June of 2018, revolutionising the security market and foretelling the incredible value the technology can create for users across many industries. Since then, we have continued to invest in our AI and SaaS platform which is at the core of Arlo’s incredible user experience and low churn rates,” said Matthew McRae, Chief Executive Officer of Arlo.

“The 3 million subscriber milestone, which came earlier than expectations, is a testament to the true user benefits of our plans and the overall power of our service business. Arlo’s innovation will continue as we roll out numerous exciting new features and AI capabilities over the course of this year that will drive further subscriptions and continue our position as the true leader in the market.” 

Key to their services/subscription growth was the decision to reduce their prices to a starting point of just $4.99 making committing to the service far easier for those who had purchased Arlo Cameras and signed up for the initial free trial.

Arlo’s subscription plans include 4K cloud video recording, Smart and interactive notifications and the all-important Advanced Object Detection which sees Arlo process and filter some 50 million events every day using Visual AI to get better recognition of people, packages, vehicles and animals.

Smart Home Security cameras are a hugely competitive market, and here in Australia Arlo has a dominant position having established themselves over many years with a wide range of high quality cameras and lights – with more security products due to launch this year.