Eufy have announced their latest robotic vacuum and mop is heading to Australia, with the eufy X10 Pro Omni now available in Australia.

The eufy X10 Pro Omi is priced at $1,699, and includes AI driven obstacle avoidance capable of recognising 100 household objects – including those “surprises” from your pet. 

This latest model combines the powerful suction, detangling capabilities and self-emptying convenience of the X8 Pro, with the self-cleaning and improved mopping of the X9 Pro for a hands-free cleaning option that keeps the house spotless.

The X10 Pro Omni includes the new, and improved MopMaster System 2.0 with rotating hexagonal heads and 1kg downward pressure to get those hard to remove stains, and they’re positioned to allow it to get into all the edges of your room. There’s also a new built-in water tank to keep the mopping pads wet, allowing the pads to work more effectively and the mop pads can be raised up to 12mm to avoid touching carpets or clean surfaces. 

The vacuum includes a powerful 8,000Pa suction, letting it easily pick up hair, debris, dust and powder from hard floors, or carpets in just one pass. The V-Shaped, high-density bristles on the roller brush, ensures that the hair and fur won’t get tangled, and the brush is detangled when it returns to the base station. 

When not in use, the eufy X10 Pro Omni will head back to it’s base-station where it can charge, empty the on-board dust bag and water tank, then clean the mopping pads and dry them to avoid bacteria growth and bad smells. 

You can control the vacuum easily thanks to the eufy Clean app – available on Android and iOS – which can help you to manage cleaning with the option to set a schedule, restrict areas in your house and a new cleaning profile, which lets you set a select area for cleaning at a certain time – such as around the table after dinner each night. 

The eufy X10 Pro Omni is available from today from $1,699 from JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, and