When I reviewed the Withings ScanWatch Horizon almost two years ago I said “I may have found the perfect watch” – and I stand by that. The latest generation Withings ScanWatch Nova though just ups the game a little.

I often say this when reviewing something like the latest iPhone – this isn’t for owners of the model before, or even before that. These things are for people upgrading from a few years ago. With the Withings Scanwatch Nova I can’t imagine owners of the previous “Horizon” model opting to upgrade, but the Nova takes the title as the perfect all-round smartwatch as of today.

A month ago I was on a long layover in Abu Dhabi airport and took myself to the Watch shops. Fortunately the TAG Heuer store was not yet open, so I browsed the Omega collection and was somewhat drawn to the Omega Seamaster. Of course the $7,000 Euro or $10,000 Aussie price tag sent me packing pretty quick, but it was a stunner no doubt.

Returning home, I had a package from WiThings to review this new ScanWatch Nova – as soon as I opened it up I had flashbacks to that Watch Store – a stunning watch with a Metal-link band, dark-blue face and blue dial on the bezel.

Out of the box, my favourite thing, despite the inclusion of all the fittings and tools to re-size the band yourself – was the fact it fit straight away. I’d have an average sized wrist, so the idea of taking links out by default seems to make a lot of sense to me.

Sitting at dinner with friends, one asked “what watch is that?” wondering why the tech guy was wearing something so very analogue. Of course, the Withings ScanWatch Nova is actually a smart watch – in an analogue watch body.

Thanks to the tiny little screen, you can see your steps, heart-rate, and a range of other health stats with the twist of the crown.

Notifications from your phone if you want them, and the powerful medically approved ECG and Blood Oxygen level checks – all on this very classic traditional style watch!

The Nova is ever so much lighter than the Horizon which on the wrist all day does make a difference. Also in terms of tech, the Nova has an improved heart-rate sensor – not that you’ll notice, and a new temperature sensor. This tracks temperature variations which is becoming one of the new key metrics on smart health trackers – but for me, not something that’s part of my day to day.

In fact, I think sometimes features are added for the sake of it – in reality this is a watch you wear in daylight hours and track key daily metrics as well as checking in on your heart health.

I’m not wearing it to bed for sleep tracking (Got my Withings Sleep analyser for that!) – but I enjoy wearing something so sleek looking during the day.

It’s also far less distracting than a traditional all-screen smartwatch.

Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, the Withings Scanwatch Nova is the perfect gift for Dad, or for yourself. Priced at $799, it’s $100 more than the Horizon, so if the Horizon is available don’t feel bad if you grab that instead. The slight tweaks and improvements matter – but if the budget it tight, save it.

Top class stuff once again from Withings.