DJI, that company known best for their drones, has announced two large portable power stations, the Power 1000 and the Power 500.

Both the Power 1000 and the Power 500 can be charged in just 70 minutes and can be used to charge anything from household appliances to your drone while out and about – not surprisingly it will fast charge DJI drones faster than ever (using sold-separately charging cables).

Whether consumer, professional, enterprise or agricultural, DJI has a long history in battery research and development. Batteries are paramount to the user experience with battery life and charging efficiency, central to user needs. We hope that the DJI Power series can further improve the outdoor experience by eliminating power consumption anxiety and, in the home, by being on hand as a home backup to tackle power outage issues,” said Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI.

The DJI Power 1000 has a battery capacity of 1024Whr and weighs a hefty 13kg while the smaller Power 500 weighs just 7.3kg and has a capacity of 512Whr.  They can provide maximum power outputs of 2200W and 1000W respectively.

The power stations are also cable of behaving as a UPS to your appliances should there be a sudden power outage.

Both power stations support fast charging PD with the Power 1000 supporting PD3.1 and the Power 500 PD3.0 with the former offering two 140W USB-C output ports.  The Power 500 offers two 100W USB-C two-way ports.

Both power stations are versatile to connect to various types of solar panels, power cables and adapters to provide power and charging wherever you are.

The DJI Power 1000/500 is available to order from and authorised retail partners now.  The DJI Power 1000 (NA) has a RRP of $1,369 AUD while the DJI Power 500 (NA) has a RRP of $729 AUD.