The new eufy range launched last month included a fairly comprehensive range covering baby monitors, a robot vacuum and cameras. The new eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 was a highlight, offering 360° Camera Coverage and super bright 2,000 Lumen floodlights.

Priced at $449.99 RRP, the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 also includes the local storage that has become a highlight for eufy cameras, enabling offline storage and retrieval without the ongoing cloud storage pricing costs. 

Eufy have sent across the Security Floodlight Camera E340 as well as the Security Video Doorbell E340 to check out. It’s a wired device, so I needed a sparky to install it, but apart from that it’s been a smooth install and setup.

I’ve been using the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 for a few weeks now and here’s how it went.

Hardware and Design

The Security Floodlight Camera E340 is a massive unit. It comes in a large box, with the unit itself taking up most of the room. It includes the mount already attached to the side for wall mounting, but can easily be changed to mount under the eaves. 

The main body is fairly chunky with the dual floodlights attached either side on dual swivels which give a good range of motion for positioning. The camera mounted on the base offers full pan and tilt through 360° with dual 3K and 2K sensors offering a high resolution wide-angle view with a dedicated sensor for picking up finer details.

The unit itself is mostly in white, with the camera notably black. It looks good under the eaves, blending into the white, though it would certainly clash with the darker brick at my house. 

The floodlight component is split with two lights, both of which can be positioned in different directions – very much suiting its position I installed it on a corner, allowing the floodlights to go different directions and illuminate a larger area.


The eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 does require an electrician to install, but comes with all the necessary mounts, connectors and even a handy hook to hang it by while installing. 

You will need to install the eufy Security app – available for Android and iOS – and you’ll need a eufy account which you can create in the app if you don’t have one.

You can choose to install the camera under the eaves, or on the wall depending on your setup. The mount easily unscrews and readjusts to suit either mounting method and you simply specify which way you’ll be installing the camera in the app.

With that in mind there is some setup required before the camera/floodlight is actually installed. 

You’ll need to plug a USB-C charger into the camera module through a port hidden under a rubber weather seal – this is also where the microSD card is located. Once the camera is powered on you can perform the pre-install setup in the app.

Once it’s installed where you want it you can then access the camera from the eufy Security app.

Smart Home

Adding your eufy camera into the Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa is easy, with simple to follow instructions on their site.

The Amazon Alexa integration is quite good with the camera and floodlight controls appearing in the app – though as separate entities, so you have to switch between them as individual devices in the app.

The camera feed unfortunately doesn’t include the Pan and Tilt controls, nor does it include the feed from the second camera, which is unfortunate, though even if it’s basic, it all works quite well. 

The Google Home app however doesn’t provide much functionality from the camera, though you can turn the floodlight on and off. The eufy website addresses this on their support page.

eufy Security app

The eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 is easy to use and set up thanks to the user-friendly app. The easy setup was aided by the dual-band Wi-Fi 6 on-board. I even upgraded my router (keeping the same network details) during the review and the camera picked it up and was able to reconnect without an issue.

Once set up, the camera will sense when people are nearby and, if it’s dark enough, turn on the spotlight. It will also notify you in the eufy Security app, though you can minimise what triggers the notifications ranging from alerts for humans, pets, vehicles, as well as ‘‘other’ which can include things like birds, insects, flags, kites or anything that moves really.

The eufy Security app is the key to using the floodlight camera. All your devices front and centre when you open the app.

To use a device you simply tap on the Play button to instantly see a live stream. From here you can select a number of functions from the scrubber at the bottom which swipes. Here you’ll find controls to start recording manually or take screenshots, mute or enable the sound, engage the microphone to speak with whomever is in view, bring up the Pan and Tilt controls or control the light. 

The Pan and Tilt controls include options to manually move the camera, or you can select one of the four preset positions you set to face the camera where you want it easily. It’s super easy and straightforward to do and if you want to just spin there’s a ‘360-degree’ option in the controls.

I found it excellent for the corner of our yard with the ability to focus on the main area for the spotlight, while also able to reposition when necessary, and the presets are excellent for fast response.

Back in the eufy Security app there are a couple of icons on there though, including an option to review Playback, your Timeline and an overflow menu which gives quick access to turn the floodlight on, Snooze alerts or settings. 

The Settings offer all functions you need for changing the brightness on your lights and how long they stay on for, as well as Detection settings for sensitivity. You can also use the in-built AI to choose to only be notified of human motion, or add in vehicles, pets and all other motion – though activating all can get quite busy in just a quiet backyard with a dog and some birds.

You can also change Pan & Tilt settings, including enabling the “Cruise” mode, which sees the camera panning around constantly – a handy option if you mount the camera on a corner with multiple angles to view. 

There’s settings to adjust video and audio settings including streaming and recording quality, as well as the usual general settings. 

Using the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340

Once setup, the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 is a pleasure to use, you get notifications when someone enters the field of view and you can quickly jump into check live or review it when you have time.

The settings within the app let you really control your experience, especially the frequency of those notifications by refining your preferences. 

The camera includes microSD storage for your video. There’s a 32GB one included, but you can upgrade it to 128 GB. There’s also the option to use the eufy HomeBase 3 which can support up to 16TB of storage. 

Though they are known for their support for offline storage on their cameras, eufy do now offer Cloud Storage. At this stage the pricing is in USD, with a single camera supporting 30 days of rolling coverage priced at $2.99USD/month, while their Plus plan covering 10 cameras is priced at $9.99USD/month. 

I opted to use the local storage option on the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 and had absolutely no issue with the accessibility of the local storage. You can of course always remove the microSD card for a more direct access to the videos, but access through the app is quite good. 

I found myself using the eufy Security app far more than using it in the Google Home or Amazon Alexa apps. 

There is obviously more incentive for eufy to include more usability in their own apps than partners like Google and Amazon, which is fine except for when you need to access other smart home controls and you have to switch apps. 

Currently, the interoperable standard ‘Matter’ doesn’t support security cameras as yet, so there’s not much to offer on this front as yet. 

Should you buy it?

I’ve found the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 to be a great addition to my home security setup. The 360-degree pan and tilt offers a freedom to position the camera and capture footage you may never have otherwise gotten. 

The lack of camera controls for smart home apps does leave a little to be desired, but the features are available as a whole such as Pan & Tilt, AI detection, Colour Night  the impressively bright floodlights, and quality of footage, with the addition of local storage, offers a lot for most users.

Overall, the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 offers a well rounded camera for anyone wanting to brighten an area of their yard while securing it, or at least monitoring it at the same time.

You can check the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 out on the eufy website