While KIA might not have wanted a couple of blokes in some yard in Sydney to show of the interior of the soon to be released KIA Tasman Ute – there was something very colourful about the normally boring camouflage that car companies put on these “test” cars when they take to the streets anywhere in the world. Kia has today revealed that design, developed in collaboration with artist Richard Boyd-Dunlop.

The wrap is themed around “The Path Never Taken” and draws on the adventurous spirit of the Kia Tasman.

Kia say it’s influenced by the beauty of our landscapes from coast to outback.

“Our Tasman pickup truck embodies Kia’s commitment to design and innovation, as well as its spirit of adventure. Artist Richard Boyd-Dunlop crafted an exclusive camouflage design, with the support of the Kia design team, that depicts a journey and reflects an essence of adventure that is unique to the Tasman,” commented Karim Habib, Executive Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design.

“This design resonates as it evokes my own personal experiences travelling across Australia and the encounters that I had,” said Boyd-Dunlop. “These experiences are influential to my work, and the Tasman enabled me to create a continuation of this, depicting the connection, joy, and sheer sense of adventure that is inherent to Australian culture.”

The Kia Tasman is due in 2025, and we can expect many , many more teasers over the months ahead – expect they’ll lock that thing down though so they can better control what gets out, and when.