We all hate vacuuming and for that reason robot vacuums are a thing. Not only are they a thing but they are increasingly incredibly smart and Eufy’s offerings just got smarter with the announcement of the L80 and L80 Hybrid vacuums.

The new L80 vacuums offer a new AI Map technology which allows for cleaning multiple rooms and floors — although we are fairly sure it cannot climb stairs just yet. The AI Mapping tech maps out your home allowing for furniture etc and brings with it the ability to ask the vacuum to clean a particular room (or more) — or to NOT clean a particular room.

The AI mapping technology is joined by a new infrared iPath Laser Navigation to determine the most power-efficient route to clean. The real time laser navigation will also allow it to avoid obstacles placed in its way such as toys etc.

Eufy have increased the suction power of the L80 vacuums with them now offering 2 x 2000Pa suction, up from the 2200Pa suction of the L70 model. According to Eufy this added suction provides a 58% improvement for sucking up that pet hair.

The L80 itself is just a vacuum but the L80 Hybrid includes mopping functionality as well which of course adds to the price of the vacuum. The Eufy RoboVac L80 is set to go on sale for US$550 and the L80 Hybrid for US$600 in March of this year. It will hopefully land Downunder in the coming months.

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