It’s that time of year when TV networks start to tell the world about their year ahead and their grand plans, all in an attempt to lure more advertisers to their network and away from the others.  But there are also some nice little nuggets of information about the online side of the TV business.

Today, Seven announced that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be streamed live in HD AND UKD (Yes 4K) on 7Plus.

Some 3,500 live hours of content from 52 different event streams, available in both HD and 4K – that’s some serious bandwidth.

They’ve been working toward this for some time, with extensive work on the Tennis and Melbourne Cup, but also, at a major event like the Olympics these things are actually done for the most part by the Olympic Organisers.

There’s even an 8K broadcast happening via a Live Site in Sydney so Seven sure are going all-in on the Tokyo games, especially important given they are right in our time-zone.

The big question is on which devices will the 4K stream work?  We’ll find out soon.

This also puts pressure on Foxtel to bring forward their 4K streaming options – the race to 4K is most certainly on.