Hell hath frozen over, well that might be a bit far fetched, but ladies and gentlemen, you can now watch Stan on Foxtel IQ boxes and this is a big deal for both Stan and Foxtel users.

Stan – owned by Nine, and Foxtel – owned by News Corp – two of the biggest media companies in Australia. So buddying up was always a big ask.

But at some point in recent months things must have come to a head and both agreed to some sort of deal, because when Hubbl launched – Stan was on the announcement list, though it wasn’t available on Hubbl or Hubbl Glass at launch.

Today, Foxtel users (including our Moderators Mat and Rob) are reporting their Foxtel showing “Stan has Arrived” on the home screen of Foxtel.

Clicking “Stan has arrived” takes you to a promotional page showing a range of Stan’s biggest and best titles, a real enticement to sign up for those that aren’t already.

For those with an account, you are able to log in using the normal code on screen use your phone or PC to activate style login.

The app itself is also available on the main App list on the Foxtel IQ.

When you launch the app, you get the normal Stan experience.

Our reports have so far come from IQ5 owners, though we’d expect the Stan app to also come to IQ4.

Roll out might take some days or weeks but it’s coming follks.

We’ve checked Hubbl glass, Stan is still not available.