You can go out today and spend hundreds, even thousands on a new pair of headphones. Every pair and every extra dollar comes with a promise to bring it all to life, like you are in the room with the artist. It can certainly begin to sound like it, but does it ever “feel” like it?

Some amazing things about going to concerts or to a nightclub is hearing your favourite tracks, seeing them performed but feeling the vibration of the bass, your body transcending sound. It is very hard to replicate that with just headphones. Lofelt has a solution to help with that.


Called the Basslet, you can almost assume what this product does. It is a wrist worn product that provide bass. But how?

The Basslet itself looks like a screen-less smartwatch. Not much to see there except two buttons to adjust the amount of bass. Between your phone and your headphones though sits a Sender. This sender listens to the music you are playing and sends the vibes to your Basslet. Worn properly you will feel the bass, like a subwoofer on your wrist. When you relax though and you focus on the music, that vibration is felt further than your wrist. You start to feel like you are standing too close to the speakers in the club and the picture starts to come together.


This product is definitely more for those into rap, r’n’b or dance music due to the atmosphere you are trying to create. With six hours of battery life you’re able to do quite a bit of listening before a recharge.

We quite like this product, we were impressed by the way it works so simply too, not even an app required.

It will be available in February for $199 USD

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