Chinese car giant BYD has unveiled overnight its first plug-in hybrid ute – with a claimed 95km of electric driving range before the petrol engine takes over. 

The BYD Shark – as with other models in the BYD range, named after marine life – will be one of the first plug-in hybrid utes to be sold in Australia. 

It is due here next year – as is the plug-in hybrid version of the Ford Ranger ute – though it is unclear which one will be first to the local market. 

Key details on the 2025 BYD Shark plug-in hybrid ute:

  • Turbo 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine 
  • Two electric motors, one front and one rear
  • The petrol engine charges a 30kWh battery pack that powers the electric motors
  • BYD claims it does 0-100kmh in 5.7 seconds (though this is yet to be independently verified)
  • Total driving range on a full charge and a full tank of fuel is claimed to be 850km
  • The on-board battery pack can be used for power tools and camping accessories 
  • Towing capacity is rated at 2500kg (rather than 3500kg as per most rivals)
  • Payload is rated at 835kg (versus up to 1000kg on some rivals)
  • Instrument cluster is a 10.25-inch display screen
  • Infotainment screen is 12.8-inches, with built-in Spotify and karaoke 
  • 360-degree camera, wireless smartphone charging available 
  • Remote access to vehicle via a smartphone to switch on the AC before you get in

BYD has so far only sold electric cars in Australia, however that is about to change as it broadens its line-up and plans a rapid model rollout in the coming years. 

It is due to launch the BYD Sealion 6 plug-in hybrid SUV – a rival to the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid – by the end of this year. 

And the BYD Shark plug-in hybrid ute is due to follow. 

Prices and other details on the two new BYD plug-in hybrid models are yet to be released. 

Stay tuned to EFTM for more updates on BYD as new information becomes available.