Everyone is now doing wireless gaming accessories and with the speeds they are getting with these 2.4GHz wireless solutions we can kiss wires goodbye forever. Alienware recently released their new gaming mouse, the Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse. 

The new wireless product from Alienware is designed for high level and pro gamers in mind but in saying that they can be used by gamers of all skill – including 50 year old casual gamers like myself.

In the box

The mouse of couse highlights what is inside the box but you will also receive the usual documnentation along with the 2.4GHz wireless dongle, an ext4ender for it and a long 2 metre USB-A to USB-C “light-weight, ultra-flexible nylon braided cable.”

If you do choose to go the wired route this cable is great in that it does not restrict movement in any way at all.

One thing I do need to comment on, as I tested out their Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard at the same time, you need a dongle for each of these and can’t connect both to the same dongle like you can with Logitech’s. Logitech’s though does drop the polling rate from 2KHz to 1KHz if you bind two devices to it whereas the Alienware one is capable of 4K wireless. Having the option to halve the polling rate and attach more than one accessory to the dongle would have been nice.

Design and hardware

The Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse, when used in its wireless mode with the wireless dongle supplied by Alienware, can provide for a polling rate of 4K – and that is a true polling rate – or 8K (wired only for this rate).  

Now I’m not entirely sure just what level of gamer you need to be to need a 4K polling rate but it’s far more than what I need.  It shows though that anyone can use this mouse – including pros who apparently really do need high polling rates such as this.  The 4K polling rate provides for a 0.25ms response time (and half that obviously for 8K).

The form factor of the mouse is incredibly similar to my usual gaming mouse, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 mouse.  In fact, without the logos on each you could easily mix them up on looks alone.  The pebble shape, in a very traditional mouse shape, allows for the mouse to be used however you grip the mouse.  I found the shape to be incredibly comfortable, sitting in the hand with very little time required to get used to the mouse (most likely because it is so similar to my usual gaming mouse).  

There are five programmable buttons, in all the usual places, two on the side, one clickable scroll wheel and the left and right click buttons.  Alienware consider the DPI button a programmable button too but that’s a stretch considering no one is going to be pressing it while gaming.

The buttons on the Alienware mouse are “Alienware-exclusive magnetic-force keyplates” which, according to Alienware, offer faster button debounce times and improved double clicking speed.   I have to agree with Alienware on these with the clicks super precise and fast, no matter how I clicked them.

These buttons are slightly longer than those on my Superlight 2 from Logitech G which, while making little difference to me, could be a big advantage for those who use a claw grip on their mice.

The button clicking is incredibly satisfying with a clicking that is crisp and the double click is super quick, although I didn’t notice any advantage in any of the games I tested it out on – I am sure your reflexes are better than mine though so YMMV.

One of my favourite things about these gaming mice is the weight, or the lack thereof of their weight.  The Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse comes in at “under 60 grams” which could mean 0.001 grams under and I dare say this figure is used because the Logitech G gaming mouse is 60 grams.  

I really love how light the Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is and actually wish that someone makes something incredibly similar with a couple of extra buttons for everyday use.  It makes my everyday MX Master 3S feel like a brick.

The mouse has a clickable scroll wheel which has a bit of a softer feel to it when clicking but is still easy to use.  The buttons on the side of the mouse are nice and clicky as well but there has been less focus on them so they don’t feel as good as the left and right click buttons but that is no surprise and they are far from the only company that has done that – how many folks use these routinely anyway?

Underneath the mouse is the pairing button and a profile/DPI selector button and a couple of PTFE feet which are “large and perfectly positioned for less friction.”  Compared to my much older gaming mice, yes the mouse does slide across the mouse pad a lot smoother but compared to the Superlight 2 it does not.  

The Superlight 2 has not just more but larger PTFE feet which most likely accounts for the slight difference in friction on the mouse.  Now in saying that, I am not saying that the Pro Wireless mouse is not great because it’s sliding is, it’s just not the best I have used.  It is certainly really good – it is also possible I need a much better quality gaming mouse pad?  That could well be true but with my relatively cheap mouse pad I noticed a difference.

Also underneath is a port for storage of the wireless dongle to allow you to travel with the mouse – I am currently using it while gaming interstate on an Alienware 16-inch gaming laptop thanks to both being super-portable.  The 2.4GHz wireless dongle is a USB-C dongle but Alienware has included a USB-A adapter should you only have those ports available.

On the side of the mouse, in front of the side buttons, is a small LED to signal to you which profile is being used at that time.  Having the profile selector underneath means that you will most definitely not accidentally tap it in the middle of the hectic cut and thrust of a fast-paced game.

The maximum resolution possible with the Pro Wireless mouse is 26,000dpi which is crazy high – I have tried that high and my reflexes are nowhere near good enough or accurate enough for that level. I suppose that is why it is a “Pro” level gaming mouse – so it has the higher rates that pros prefer and need.

Battery life

The battery life on these gaming mice is crazy.  Now my gaming sessions do not last more than an hour or two at a time and I’m sure many folks will game much longer than I but I can comfortably say that there will be very few who will need the entire 32 hours of gameplay (at 4KHz) that the battery can provide.

If you need longer battery life than that or just plain old forgot to charge your mouse then you can switch the polling rate down to “just” 1KHz and get more battery life.  Battery life while gaming at 1KHz polling rate is rated to 120 hours.  Personally I am yet to have to charge this mouse in the couple of weeks I have been using it.


After plugging in the mouse dongle to your PC/laptop, the Alienware Command Control Centre will automatically download and install. Inside this app you will see your mouse along with the options to change key bindings, create macros, change DPI, polling rate and more. It is simple to set up, use and personalise to your liking, all of which I’m a big fan of.

What doesn’t it have?

The Pro Wireless mouse is bereft of any frills – there are no holes anywhere, no RGB lighting and I’m here for it.  I much prefer the choice of preference of a light weight mouse with minimal bells and whistles inside than a heavy mouse with all the bells and whistles. It is built for two things, speed and accuracy.

For those of you who are unusual and use their left hand for their mice then you may have issues with the side buttons as they only come in a right-handed version but I’m sure these folks are used to being left behind before so it is something they have likely become used to.

Final Thoughts

The Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is incredibly light, sits in the hand extremely comfortably and slides across your mouse pad with ease although I would prefer bigger PTFE feet on the bottom for an even smoother glide. You will be set for long gaming sessions without having your hand tire out due to the mouse.

The buttons are quick, responsive and give a nice clicky sound. The 8K wired and 4K wireless polling rate on the mouse is far more than most of us will ever need but if you do need that, it is available.

The battery life on the mouse is such that it will last far longer than even your longest session.

The only downside of the mouse is the price but given the price of similarly specced gaming mice it isn’t too bad. At $248.60 it will set you back more than a productivity mouse but this gaming mouse can also be used for that too.

The Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is available in Lunar Light or Dark Side of the Moon now from Dell.com/au for $248.60.