We love a good competition here at EFTM and this month we’ve got a cracking one thanks to our mates at Dyson.  You could be one of four lucky readers to get the chance to test, review and possibly even keep a brand new Dyson DC54 vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC54

Dyson DC54

The DC54 is a revolution in cleaning and we think you’ll be so impressed we want you to road test and review it.

We’re looking for sixteen people to take a Dyson DC54 for a week, tell us what they think, and tell their friends via social media.

To get started, simply tell us below what you look for in a vacuum cleaner.  What feature, what accessory do you look for in a vacuum.

Soon, we’ll pick sixteen finalists, and over four weeks, four finalists at a time will get the chance to go hands-on with the DC54 in their own home to experience this new beast from Dyson.  Tweet your thoughts, Instagram some photos or tell your friends on Facebook – it’s all part of the Dyson Social Review Relay.

At the end of those four weeks we’ll publish the reviews here at EFTM and choose four of the finalists who will get to keep a Dyson DC54! – each taking home a DC54 of their very own.

It couldn’t be easier.

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