The good folk at Blackberry have an announcement pending on Friday at their North Sydney HQ – Celebrity Blackberry user Will.I.Am will be the special guest to launch the device.

No word yet on which device it is. Given the Tour has been out for some time in the US and the BOLD2 is not yet out in the US it is an interesting one.  The Tour isn’t really anything to write home about – but perhaps they will shock us with the Bold 2 (9700).

The 9700 is the big device on the near future roadmap for Blackberry.  3G just like the Bold, however in a smaller form factor, with a better camera, and the new ‘touchpad’ navigation which will replace the ‘trackball’ common to Blackberry’s today.

Fingers crossed it is this big news – but it could also be the less exciting, but still interesting Tour.