For any first time parents or carers of a child it can be difficult to suddenly have a human you’re responsible for and keep well nourished. When the child is still feeding on milk it can be difficult to know how much has been consumed, how much should be consumed but also whether the temperature is correct and when the next feed is due.

A crying baby can bring all sorts of stress to a new parent and the immediate reaction might be a feed without knowing how much has been consumed already and you may also not be feeding enough and not even knowing.

The new bottle from BlueSmart mia is a simple app and bottle cradle that will help you solve all the above problems. The kit comes as a plate as the charging station and a bottle wrap/cup which is doing the work. You’ll need an app for the product to be tracked properly however the device syncs over the internet using Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. This is so you can track any feeds from that bottle whereever in the world you are, especially if you have a minder looking after your child.

The app will remind you when it is almost feeding time, the bottle base will indicate optimal drinking temperature and weigh contents, it will monitor the angle being used of the bottle and will also weigh once you are finished for a real way of monitor exactly how much was consumed, when it happened and ensuring it was done at the correct temperature.

It’s a really simple product, especially when it only needs to be rested on the special plate to charge. For $149 USD it is cheaper than we expected, if you’re a first time parent or a nervous carer then this might be the greatest investment.

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