I’ve had a quick look at the Apple website to see what sort of bargains are on offer today.

Now some might say that a few dollars here and there isn’t anything great, but let’s not kid ourselves, Apple doesn’t offer discounts often. You can’t walk in and haggle.

So 4% off, or 9% off is good. Very Good.

Here’s what I’ve found sorted best deal down:

64Gig Touch$ 549.00$ 498.009.3%
8Gig Touch$ 268.00$ 244.009.0%
21.5 inch iMac$ 1,599.00$ 1,467.008.3%
13 inch MacBook Pro$ 1,599.00$ 1,468.018.2%
15 inch MacBook Pro$ 2,299.00$ 2,168.005.7%
8Gig iPod Nano$ 199.00$ 188.005.5%
27 inch iMac$ 2,599.00$ 2,468.005.0%
32Gig Touch$ 375.00$ 358.004.5%
16Gig iPod Nano$ 249.00$ 238.004.4%
17 inch MacBook Pro$ 3,299.00$ 3,168.004.0%

This was done on a quick check, so don’t quote me on these prices, make your own enquiries at Apple.com.au